This was a free public event which included a discussion and Q& A on the book ‘Mipham’s Dialectics and The Debates on Emptiness’ by Dr.(Lopen) Karma Phuntsho (published by Riyang Books)

Mr. Jason Hopper ( Lecturer in Sociology at Royal Thimphu College) will moderate a discussion that will include a consideration of the culture of critical inquiry, debates in Buddhist culture, the notion of emptiness and Buddhism and meditation.

Dr. (Lopen) Karma Phunthso in discussion with Mr. Jason Hopper at the Ati Foundation. (Photo credit Francoise Pommaret)

Dr.(Lopen) Karma Phuntsho with the book that was discussed. (Photo credit Francoise Pommaret)


Click here for video of  Dr.(Lopen) Karma Phuntsho and  Mr. Jason Hopper talking about  ‘Mipham’s Dialetics and the Debates on Emptiness’ the talk offers a wonderful introduction not only to the book but also to the Buddhist concept of emptiness