Membar Tsho – The Flaming Lake

By: Kunzang Choden
Illustrations by: Pema Tshering
Synposis: Membar Tsho- The Flaming Lake brings the story of Terton Pema Lingpa to our children in poetic verses with vivid illustrations. The book is the first of its kind to introduce the important figure of Pema Lingpa, the cultural concepts of tertons, hidden treasures and hidden lands and the sacred spot of Membar Tsho in Tang, Bumthang.
This story by Kunzang Choden, who is also from Tang, Bumthang  describes in an emotive narration, Pema Lingpa’s second act of discovering treasures from Membar Tsho in 1476. Pema Tshering, a founding member of VAST-Bhutan ( Voluntary Artist Studio, Thimphu ), enlivens the story through his sensitive artistry with watercolor paintings.


Tshegho: The Garment of  Life

By: Kunzang Choden
Illustrations by: Yoko Ishigami
Synposis: Dechen and her mother live in a village in Bhutan. Dechen’s mother wants  to teach her to weave, but Dechen is not interested. She finds weaving boring and whines that she will never be able to learn. One day, something changes her mind.
Find out what happens to make Dechen  happily learn to weave. Yoko is a Japanese artist, who has been studying  traditional Bhutanese painting at the National Institute of Zorig Chusum, Thimphu and  working to infuse inner peace into her own art.












Guru Rinpoche Is Coming

Written by: Kunzang Choden

Illustrations by: Pema Tshering