About Riyang Books

Riyang Books is a small, Bhutan- based publishing house owned and operated by author, Kunzang  Choden and her family. It was founded in November 2012 out of a deep love for literature and the written word as well as a desire to create a welcoming space to encourage and support creative work in Bhutan.


 Frequently asked questions 

1.What does “Riyang” mean?
According to Buddhist Scholar, Dr Karma Phuntsho ,  Riyang could be the sounds, the voices from the mountain but perhaps more literally it means mountain melodies or tunes. It also refers to Manjushri (the Buddhist  Bodhisattva  of wisdom)  and Yangchenma (  or the White Tara also associated with wisdom). ” Ri” and “yang” captures the spirit of both the immovable and the ephemeral, both stability and dynamism, both male and female energies.
2. What does the logo for Riyang mean?
The logo is composed of the symbol that represents Manjushri enclosed in an artistic musical note


Submission policy

Riyang Books is a small family publishing house that started in response to the gap in the quality of local publishing. Believing that Bhutanese deserve more high quality, relevant locally produced materials we are supportive of talented and creative aspiring authors. However given the size and limited capacity of our endeavor we are highly selective of the work that we publish.

If you are an aspiring author who feels that your work is ready for publication here is what Riyang Books is interested in publishing:

  • Works by Bhutanese Authors
  • Works that reflect a deep or new understanding of Bhutan and/or Bhutanese
  • Work by authors who have a unique and compelling voice or style

Unfortunately, at the moment Riyang Books does not have the capacity to consider the following kinds of work:

  • Work in Dzongkha or other Bhutanese languages
  • Poetry /Poems
  • Academic essays and term papers

How to submit:

We ask all interested authors to submit a one or two page query letter to us before we agree to look at your manuscript. In your query letter please be sure to include the following information:  a) who you are, b) a synopsis or summary of your proposed book that will both stimulate our interest and demonstrate its strengths, c) who you believe is the audience or target market for you book and why and finally d) your own contact information.  Your query letter is an opportunity to show off your writing abilities and style so please don’t forget to thoroughly proofread your letter before sending it to us.

We only accept submission over email; please do not call us for appointments. Send your query letters to riyangbooks@gmail.com. The subject of your email should read: Query Letter. Allow at least four weeks for a response.


Please note that Riyang will not entertain or respond to unsolicited manuscript submissions.